Pawn Loans

Need some extra cash to pay some bills or purchase some essential items for the family? Or maybe you have a small business and need a loan to buy some equipment or pay some employee salaries? Whatever the reason personal or business Top Dollar Pawn & Jewelry has you covered. We’ve been serving the residents of the DC Metropolitan area for over 25 years and have been helping individuals, families and businesses in the area get extra cash to make ends meet.

We’ve provided loans for as little as $10.00 to loans exceeding $10,000. We provide one month loans with options to renew, and anyone over the age of 18 can get a loan on just about anything of value. We offer loans on jewelry, TV’s, stereos, bicycles, tools, computers, iPhones, tablets and so much more. Better yet, since your loan is collateral based there is credit reporting that needs to be done to secure the loan.

The requirements to solidify your loan with us simple:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must provide a valid driver’s license or state issued ID
  • Must provide a secondary form of ID (e.g., SS card, credit card, bank card, government ID, work ID)

Why The Pawn Industry And Our Loans So Important To The Public:

Lower Debt: Due to the collateral based nature of pawn loaning those seeking loans only borrow what is necessary which keeps their loan debt lower than traditional lending methods.

Lower Fees: Our loan fees are lower than other traditional short-term loans and penalties.

No Damaging Credit Reporting: Since each loan is collateral based there is no need to have to run credit reports which can be harmful to your credit.

A Responsible Option: For those individuals who cannot obtain a loan through traditional lending institutions but need money for diapers, medical bills and other expenses to support their families; pawn loans are a responsible option.

Did you know that pawn loans have competitively low interest rates, typically less than a non-sufficient fund charge on a bounced check or past-due fee on a utility bill? Pawn stores can offer this service because the customer offers their personal property as collateral which significantly reduces the risk to the lender.

Who Are Our Customers?

When the economy starts to decline or hard times are experienced by families and business owners they may begin to look to pawn stores to secure safety net loans that cover unexpected financial needs. Every day, thousands of Americans find themselves in need of short-term, small-dollar loans that aren’t available to them from banks or other traditional lenders. This is why pawn loans are so important to your every day American.

Did you know that over 80% of our typical pawn customer is employed? That’s right. These individuals have jobs but have a quick and urgent need for a loan to help make ends meet. The average age of our customer is 40 years old and approximately 82% have earned a high school diploma or GED, which is the same as our nation’s average for high school graduation rates. In addition, one-third of our customers are home owners and even some of them are small business owners.

When it comes to our pawn customers they’re just like anyone else. They have jobs, are hard working and are looking for a means to help make ends meet. When you consider the lower debt and fees associated with pawn lending and the lack of risk in damaging your credit; it’s no wonder that obtaining a pawn loan is viewed as a responsible option for someone in need of extra money to help make ends meet. If you’re interested in a pawn loan or any other services we offer make sure to stop by at any of our locations.