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Jewelry Center Now Open!

Our all new Jewelry Center in our Oxon Hill location is now officially open. We have taken the best from our Flagship Waldorf location and improved upon it in our Oxon Hill location. We have ripped out the old flooring and jewelry displays and replaced it all with brand new high end displays. We now have a larger selection, brighter views, more sparkle to the diamond and the same quality staff and customer service you have come to expect. Come check out our new look today! Prince George’s County has never looked this good!!

Jewelry Center

Jewelry Center

3360 Crain Hwy
Waldorf, MD 20603


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Our Waldorf location is now open. Come visit us now!!!

3360 Crain Hwy
Waldorf, MD 20603

We are open so come in today or come join us for our official grand opening!!

We are on a roll with our winners. Check out the videos below!! Come in to register for your chance to win today! Be the first to win the diamond ring!

Below is a letter concerning new legislation I have sent to most of the Prince George’s County Council.  Unfortunately I have not heard back from any of them.  Bill CB-40-2010 will eventually put all Pawnshops in Prince George’s County out of business.  We need as much support as we can get.  The public hearing for the bill will be on September 7th, 10am at the County Administrative Building.  14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive – Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.  Please attend if you can or call your local council members to express your disappointment in their support of this bill.  As of today it is believed that every member of the council is ready to sign this bill into law yet not one of them has ever stepped foot in my store to see what we really do. This is the forth bill in the past four years Eric Olson has submitted against Pawn Shops – on his website under his list of priorities for fighting crime he has Pawnshops as his #1, above gangs and police funding.  Please Help!


As the owner of Top Dollar Pawnbrokers in Prince George’s County I am extremely concerned with the impact of Bill CB-40-2010 on my business, family and livelihood.  It would be my pleasure to have you visit my store and have an opportunity to voice the concerns of myself, my colleagues and the employees + families who rely on this industry for their survival; a mere phone conversation would be appreciated.

My concern is that this bill is being passed by individuals who do not fully understand its gravity and impact on our local community.  I commend Eric Olson’s pro-activity in trying to fight crime but in a business reality this bill has nothing at all do with crime.  Pawnshops are not the havens for criminals to drop their loot like they once were.  Approximately 80% of our customers are here simply for a loan to pay a bill, get gas or cover extra expenses they did not prepare for.  We are their last resort, the door that is always open when they need to put food on their table. Our average loan is $100- there is no other outlet that can provide that immediate or that small of a loan.

Less than half of a percent of merchandise is stolen and/or confiscated by the police.  ‘Confiscated’ as a descriptor makes it sound like we are something “bad”, but the fact is our reporting & documenting of pawned inventory paves the way for police to recover items used in criminal prosecution. Retail shops in the vicinity of my business routinely purchase illegal goods off the street and do no reporting.  In a meeting with Eric Olson over a year ago I told him about this and he told me to go to the police, which I expressed to him I had already done numerous times.  The police tell me they don’t have the resources to investigate – yet they have the resources to audit my store twice a month.  If fighting crime was really their goal my concerns would have been acted on by both the police and Eric Olson.  Rather than make us their scapegoat and PR campaign why not let us help them as we have offered to do.

Legislation CB-40-2010 is putting the focus of fighting crime in the wrong place and wasting taxpayer money with nothing to gain.  The new bill would levy $100 fines on my employees and $1000 fines on the store for trivial clerical errors.  For example, one of my store managers was in court yesterday for a must-appear $25 civil penalty due to a transaction receipt’s missing signature, unearthed by a detective’s audit. This was 1 receipt out of almost 3000 total, a 1-in-3000 error of no consequence that would result in $1100 worth of fines under the new legislation. While I understand the intention of the legislative process, I wish to bring to your attention that this is NOT a productive direction our legislation should be taking. There are better solutions to identify and fight crime in the pawn community.  After a dozen audits the above scenario is the worst that detectives have found yet the audits and the legislation against pawnshops only get tougher – as if authorities are determined to prove that Pawn is a dirty word.

There is a second part to Bill CB-40-2010 that infringes on my rights, stating that I can no longer sell my business.  My father opened our family-owned and family-run pawnshop almost twenty five years ago.  I am hoping one day to pass the business on to my son. In the absence of this opportunity I will be left with no retirement plan, no security, no asset.  Another local merchant, a friend of mine, was planning on retiring within the next two years. According to this bill she cannot sell her business, and so she has dedicated her life to building her business that no longer has a value. We have no Plan B, this is our life’s work.

This legislation should not be about Eric Olson’s opinion on Pawnshops or anyone’s impression of what they are/are not. Pawnshops are businesses which are needed in the community now more than ever as people need ways in a poor economy to temporarily cover small expenses. Last year my business averaged 50 pawn transactions per day, meaning we were loaning out to 50 individuals daily.  This year we are averaging close to 90 loans per day.  For those $30-$120 loans our customers have no place else to go. Their choice is to borrow money against their jewelry, TV and valuables or risk having their electricity shut off, collection agencies come after them for medical bills and car payments… AND NEARLY 70% of our customers come back to retrieve their pawned item. These are non-recourse short-term loans made by law abiding active citizens.  We are a solution, we are not the problem.

Please consider visiting my shop or letting me come in to meet with you.  I represent a community of new-generation pawn business owners, and we appreciate any time that you can offer to voice our concerns.


External Links:

Council Members: http://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/council/

Eric Olsons Priorities:  http://electericolson.org/priorities/

Actual Bill: Click Here


Every year we are given the opportunity to thank the Prince Georges County Professional Fire Fighters Association with a donation and this year was no different.  Every year many lives are saved due to the bravery these men exhibit.  Without hesitation these men put their lives on the line for ours so without hesitation every year we do our part by donating to and thanking the men and women that honorably serve our community.

Thank you.

We would like to share with you the letter we got from the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation after are latest contribution.


Dear Friend,

Thank you for making your recent contribution commitment to Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation.  Because of sponsors like you, the Foundation is able to continue supporting children and their families during an urgent time of need.

Cancer is a leading cause of death among children in the United States according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Each yeah, too many children are faced with the hardships of a cancer diagnosis.  Your gift wil help lift their spirits and give them the strength to overcome their disease by taking their minds off their illness.  When they are going through some very grueling and difficult treatments and feeling isolated and alone, receiving a special gift really does make their day, their time of treatment, just a little easier to handle.  They can forget about the challenges they face and remind them that they are a kid and kids are supposed to have fun.

While they might seem like small things, the interactive toys, exciting games, and fun craft kits the kids receive create a huge positive effect in their young lives.  The gifts show them that others care, that there can be smiles in spite of the fear and maybe that there is hope after all.

There is one more way you can help.  If you know a child or a family who is livign with a cancer diagnosis, please let them know about our programs and services.  For more information, visit www.childrenscancerrecovery.org or call 1.800./238.6479 today.

Douglas Runkle, Executive Director
Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation

We are blessed with the opportunity to help grant a wish to a child in need.  The Wishing Well Foundation grants wishes to children ages 3 to 18 who have life-threatening and/or terminal illnesses.  We were recently notified that our donation gave a last wish to a little girl whom passed away just a few short weeks later.  I don’t know that there is a bigger donation to give then this.  Please call and make a donation today, no matter how big or small you can make the world right for a day.