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History of Pawnbroking

History of Pawnbroking

Pawnbroking has been around since the earliest ages of the world. Pawnbroking, which is lending money on a security type basis, is one of the oldest professions. Pawnbroking emerged in the Middle Ages throughout China, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. Pawnbroking has had a significant affect on the history of the world. An important piece in history was the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. A lot of people don’t know but his voyage was founded from the pawning of Queen Elizabeth of Spain’s jewelry. Throughout history pawnbroking aided not only the poor but all members of society. Many royalty figures pawned their expensive possessions to help aid in military exploits and also great expeditions.
The 19th century is when pawnbroking started to increase in popularity, there were as many pawnbrokers as public houses. The pawnbrokers would lend money for almost anything ranging from bed linen to cutlery. Today, pawnbroking is a quick, simple way to obtain money. Pawn shops are fully secure and guarantee you will get the item you gave to them back in the same condition. Pawnbrokers have had a great positive affect on history and will continue to help aid people by lending money.