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What Are The Benefits Of Having The MGM Maryland Casino Located In Prince George’s County?

What Are The Benefits Of Having The MGM Maryland Casino Located In Prince George’s County?

There will always be people happy to have a casino open near them, and people who will protest having the casino. Let’s concentrate on the benefits of a casino such as the MGM National Harbor casino opening and doing business locally. There are several areas that benefit from a well-run casino operation. They are jobs, increased tax base, tourism from other areas and states, increased sales for local businesses, and local entertainment for residents. These benefits can not be ignored and should be celebrated in these difficult economic times.

Local Jobs

An MGM casino at National Harbor can mean many jobs for local workers from the construction of the casino to its daily operation. This means that many local citizens who might have had to go away from the community to find jobs can stay at home with good jobs. Part of the money earned by the hundreds of employees at the casino will be spent on local housing, groceries, clothing, eating at local restaurants, and many other services and shopping opportunities that the community offers. These people will need to avail themselves of local services like water, electricity, schools, and more. This will all contribute to the financial health of the community.

Increased Tax Base

Casinos bring increased tax revenues to communities who are entitled to receive a 5.5 % tax on lottery terminal revenue, and other gaming taxes. Then, there are the non-gaming taxes paid by casinos and their employees such as income taxes and property taxes. The casino will be paying entertainment tax and hotel/motel taxes. These various taxes can add up to millions of new revenues for the state of Maryland and Prince Georges County. These revenues can be used for schools, infrastructure, and other programs to improve the lives of residents.

Tourism From Other Areas And States

Having a casino at National Harbor will generate a large increase in tourists coming to the area to visit the casino and spend money at other local businesses. The MGM at National Harbor will live up to MGM’s track record for creating unique and appealing destinations to attract visitors from greater distances. A casino with a reputation for having high-quality amenities and entertainment can be a real boost to an area’s tourism numbers. All those visitors spend money in many local businesses.

Increased Sales For Local Businesses

When this MGM Maryland casino opens, it will spend millions of dollars each year purchasing goods from local vendors. The casino will pay for heating, electricity, water use, cleaning supplies, food, and other products needed in the daily running of the casino. It will have a very large payroll for the many workers from the community. They will spend that money in their neighborhoods.

Local Entertainment For Residents.

Local residents have already been gambling and going to casinos in neighboring states such as West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Now they can spend their money locally instead of taking their money out of state. This will help Prince George’s County and the state of Maryland recapture millions of dollars that would otherwise be benefiting other states. For more information, please visit the website of the MGM National Harbor. If you’re in the MGM area give us a visit at Top Dollar Pawn & Jewelry.