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More trouble and less cooperation….

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    More trouble and less cooperation….

    We had a rough inspection yesterday.  I can’t blame the Detective for these errors even though I still find it absurd we have to go through this.  Sometimes I don’t know if I am putting up too much of a battle or not.  There are two fronts right now.  The County Council, Eric Olson in particular, and the Pawn Unit.  I don’t know most of the members of the Pawn unit I only really know the detective that audits our store.  I hear from other shops that have other detectives doing their audits that it is a much friendlier relationship.  I do believe we could have a good relationship with the pawn unit but not with our current detective.  Having a detective come into your store that you know wants to take your livelihood and the livelihood of your family and friends away makes it personal.  If she was simply auditing us, working with us and even giving us citations but was also trying to help us it would be a different story.  She does not want us here and would be quite happy to help in our extinction.

    The detective was only in our shop for about 40 minutes which is relatively short.  It is probably because she found 3-5 errors within the first 20 minutes.  A few missing signatures and a mistyped social security number.  I had hired a legal aid to audit us nightly, needless to say she is no longer working here.  I will have to audit the store myself daily for the foreseeable future.  Besides these errors there were two other larger issues that were spoken about.  Quick back story; we had a meeting with the pawn unit of the Prince Georges County Police Department along with representatives from the DLLR and DER.  This meeting was supposed to bring us closer together and start a new relationship of cooperation.  One of the issues we asked about was the sending of the daily police reports by 10am.  On the rare occasion we lose internet or electricity these data files cannot be sent.  In this meeting they made it very clear that was an understandable exception.  This happened to use twice over the past month, both times I notified the unit and thought it wasn’t anything that would be spoken about.  We are RARELY ever late on these because I wrote a script that automatically send these files in the morning.  Human error has been completely removed.  We were not written up but we were given a verbal warning so hopefully Pepco and Verizon DSL have sorted out their issues.  The second issue that we were warned about was our collection of second ID’s.  We recently were forced to switch to a Maryland issued transaction form.  Prince George’s County has slightly different rules when it comes to second ID’s so the form doesn’t exactly fit what they want therefore we have to hand write extra information that just adds to the chance of more errors.   The main rule is that second ID’s have to be trackable.  We usually use social security cards which work great and we also use credit card numbers.  Problem with credit card numbers is that they are long therefore there is no room to write the issuing bank name or type of card.  I argued that none of that information is even needed since the card number itself makes it trackable.  I’m not sure if the detective did not believe me  or that this whole ‘cooperation’ thing is just a bunch of b*s*.  My whole goal is to narrow my chances of having any human error on the part of my employees and give the detectives the tools to fight crime.  I have created a tool that should help solve this small issue for both of us.   –

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