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New local legislation….

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    New local legislation….

    It seems we are always awaiting some new form of legislation or law that will make life just a little harder on us. County Bill 38 proposed by County Council Member Eric Olson is the latest. Surprisingly I support what he is doing… Well, for the most part I support this bill. Having any legislation proposed that limits gives one a bad feeling no matter how much you agree with it. It sets in fear that tomorrows regulation could be the one that has you sitting on the curb. The core of this bill is to make it illegal for pawnshops and secondhand dealers to buy/sell medications, foods, cosmetics or really anything that could be put on or in your body. We have never dealt with items such as these. We might have had the occasional electric razor or hair clipper but other then that we have always turned away items like these. If someone comes in with ten bottles of shampoo, a case of detergent, or boxes of imodium it’s pretty obvious they just did a swipe and dump at the local CVS. I see people walking around all the time in the local shopping centers with bags of soap, creams, makeup, deodorant, etc… yelling “2 for $5” …if it exists and is easily swiped off the local drug store shelves people are selling it on the street. Buying and selling obviously stolen merchandise is not the way we like to make a living so we have always avoided and gone out of our way to push these people out of our store.

    There is one concerning line to Bill 38;

    (d) No license as pawn dealer or a secondhand dealer shall be granted to any person who has an ordinary license, or license for the retailing of spirituous liquors.
    I have made a few calls to find out what exactly an “ordinary license” is but no one seems to know. I have no other businesses at this time but I would like to keep my options open. I know my wife has always dreamed of a bakery and I have always considered opening a jewelry store. I just don’t know what an ‘ordinary license’ is??

    I was interviewed by the Gazette yesterday about this – Gazette.

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