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Why Pay Retail? How Pawn Shops Can Save YOU Money

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    Why Pay Retail? How Pawn Shops Can Save YOU Money

    When most people hear about local pawn shops they usually think of emergency loans, but it is also important to know that at Top Dollar Pawn & Jewelry, we also sell lightly used merchandise! It is true that the bulk of our revenue as a business comes from our loans; however, now and then a person will default on their loan for any number of reasons. When this happens, we must sell the item that was held as security for the loan, and this is where you can get a great deal from your cash for gold MD pawn shop.

    Little Risk

    The main reason you benefit from this is that we are attempting to get our loan money back. This is why the merchandise we offer is discounted. In addition, we also offer additional discounts from time to time when we run sales for particular items or item categories. Without actually visiting our store, it would be hard to actually see the savings, but if you are in the market for a new item, simply stop by our store and see if we have something in our inventory that will meet your needs and help you save money. You will be able to save more than 50% off of new merchandise, yet be able to buy something in great condition. We offer money-back guarantees on our merchandise, so there is little risk in buying from our store.

    Get Gold at Over 50% Off!

    As we said before, the items we sell are the same assets that we take as collateral for loans. This means that they have value, are in good condition and are popular items. Because we are gold jewelry buyers, we have a huge range of jewelry for you to browse through. We sell a wide range of jewelry from:

    Our in stock jewelry, like other types of inventory, fluctuates, so we advise you to check back every week or two for new additions.

    High End Electronics

    Other merchandise examples include high-end electronics. This includes desktop and laptop computers as well as tablets. We have the latest models; many of them are substantially reduced in price from what you will find at a local electronics store. We usually have a good selection of smartphones that can mean serious savings for those shopping for a new phone.
    Musical Instruments

    The same is true with musical instruments. We have a fine selection of guitars and often have other instrument in stock such as saxophones, trumpets and other wind instruments.

    If you are looking for deals from your local pawn shop, or want a company with experience as gold jewelry buyers, then give Top Dollar Pawn & Jewelry a visit today!

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