Pawnbroking offers many career opportunities. If you have good communication and customer service skills then pawnbroking might be a natural fit for you. Our offered positions often include: sales/loans associates, eBay specialists, and assistant/general managers. At the pawnshop, typically every day is different. It’s a very engaging and educational workplace environment as you have a wide variety of items being bought, sold, and loaned in addition to financial transactions occurring. Furthermore, people from all backgrounds and ages visit our stores, so it can be a great experience to advance your communication skills which is a valuable skill to hone to help you with all aspects of life.

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Benefits to Working in a Pawn Shop

Every day is different
Opportunities for advancement
Increase your knowledge of consumer-based products
Inevitably, learn how to budget better and improve your overall financial knowledge

Job Security

It.s not called a “recession proof business” for nothing. Pawnbroking has been around for 3,000+ yrs

Continuous Real Life Learning Experience

Learn different aspects of the industry. Hone and refine your people skills while dealing with a wide range of customers on a weekly basis.

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